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About Pacific Multi Services

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We are a locally owned and operated cleaning company. We pride ourselves on the work we do and are committed to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make your home or office clean and pristine every time! We specialize in catering to our clients' individual needs and offer flexible appointment times to suit your schedule.

If you are interested in our home cleaning services, contact us for a free estimate. We offer fair and honest pricing and our service can't be beat!

Top-Notch Cleaning Services 

Our janitorial staff undergoes rigorous continuing education programs and classes regularly. Each member of our team learns about the importance of self sanitation, such as hand hygiene and disease prevention techniques. We educate our staff supervisors extensively concerning the use of antibiotics and pharmaceutical applications. Requirements for sanitation education undergo revisions as government policies are updated. Upon completion of sanitation courses, our staff undergoes assessments and quizzes which prove their knowledge and acumen of the subject material.

As part of our commitment to safety and sanitation, we collect data relevant to the common areas accessed en route to your business location. These areas may include but are not limited to, lobby floors, restrooms, hallways, elevators, and waiting areas. Bacteria are known to spread and flourish in regions that are accessed by a large number of patrons and passageways that experience high volumes of traffic. These pathogens can easily attach themselves to staff members on their way to work and home. Our job is to identify which areas need specialized care and address them accordingly.


Our Mission

The purpose of our company is to earn the trust of every client that we serve. We know that it is because of you that we're growing and prospering. By delivering outstanding service consistently, we know that you'll keep us on board with your property's cleaning needs for the long term.

Our carefully screened and qualified staff receive on-going training and performance evaluations to ensure that they're on their toes when it comes to delivering the excellence that our company stands for. All of our staff members have proved themselves and understand the utmost importance of providing top-notch service.

Our primary goal is to build a strong reputation in the commercial, industrial, and residential property cleaning industry. Building a strong reputation is accomplished first by establishing trust with you, our valued customer.
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Our FAST Response

We receive email notifications every time a task completes. When working with our firm, you can count on your assigned supervisor meeting daily service quotas quickly and professionally. We pride ourselves on the synergy between team members and management staff that ultimately shine upon the execution of designated janitorial tasks and objectives. You'll be impressed by the results of our work.

When we receive a janitorial work order, you can rest assured that our swift and competent staff will address the issue immediately, leaving you to focus on what matters most - your business. Janitorial items left unresolved can have a significant adverse effect on the impression your business leaves on its customers and overall productivity on your office/warehouse staff.

The moment a small incident occurs, such as coffee spilling on floors and soiling freshly painted walls, our staff will react immediately to resolve the issue whether a work order exists or not. In addition to addressing the janitorial issue, we also check the surrounding areas for potentially adverse and apparent maintenance problems such as peeling paint, failed lighting, damaged flooring, or clogged plumbing that needs to be addressed by a skilled maintenance worker.

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Extra Attention to Detail

One of the most commonly overlooked areas by other cleaning companies is sinks in bathrooms and lunchrooms. Drains tend to collect stains and dirt, which buildup, hence leading to mold and mildew growth, long term.

Handles, which are used by a high volume of people, can harbor strains of dangerous bacteria. If sinks and drains go unattended, brown and green gunk will build up not only decreasing the visual appeal of your business but also causing a potential health hazard.

Most people don't care to use proper hygiene when handling commonly used apparatuses. Our janitorial staff will pay extra attention to widely used items to reduce the number of sick days your employees ask to take.


We believe the greatest compliment is a customer referral. That's why we provide all of our customers with the absolute best service at fair and competitive prices.

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We follow all local guidelines
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